Our new division: LABACOR Domestics
Should you already have a domestic and you do not have an Employment Contract in place or you are not registered as an employer at the Unemployment Insurance Fund, then LABACOR Domestics is the solution to your problem.


We have a huge database of temporary, permanent and sleep-in domestics available to suite your needs. We manage the Employment Contract, pay your domestics wages directly into their banking account and deliver weekly / monthly pay slips to your premises. We also administer the contributions to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act and Unemployment Insurance Fund. We account to the appropriate bodies for these contributions.




Quality throughout
The strengths of our staff lie in their ability to develop a business relationship with clients, insuring an understanding of clients needs. This enables LABACOR to provide all clients with a complete, effective and ongoing staffing recruitment service.

  • - Our staff do not work on commission and are therefore motivated only by their endeavour to serve clients.

  • - Our wage system insures that accurate records are kept of all client and staff accounts, with quick response to invoicing and paying of our staff wages.

LABACOR delivers temporary staff to our client's doorstep on the first day of every assignment.


LABACOR contract staff, sign a limited duration contract whereby they agree to abide by LABACOR'S terms and conditions as well as the clients specific terms of employment.
LABACOR has a comprehensive disciplinary and grievance procedure in place. This means that clients do not have to involve themselves in disciplinary actions.


Permanent Placements
LABACOR will provide a comprehensive typed Curriculum Vitae and reference checks that are forwarded with each permanent applicant referred. The client may use LABACOR'S boardroom for private interviews at no additional charge.


Site Supervisor
LABACOR can undertake to provide the client with a site supervisor to ensure efficient day to day operation. This added service is at an extra charge to the client, but leaves the client to concentrate on his/her core business.


Pay rolling
LABACOR offers clients an alternative staffing solution whereby our clients existing temporary staff or permanent members are put onto our LABACOR payroll- this frees the client from administration obligations.


Time sheets
Each LABACOR staff member will be issued with a time sheet, which must be signed off by the clients designated official.


Staff remuneration
LABACOR'S wage cycle operates from Monday to week ending Sunday, with staff being paid the following Friday (depending on client's wage cycle).


Site visits

LABACOR will conduct a staff visit every Friday whereby each staff member will receive his/her weekly pay slip (depending on client's wage cycle).


Labacor Compliance:

Labacor complies with all statutory obligations for staff:

  • - SITE, WCA, UIF, PAYE, SDL, council levies, provident fund, etc

  • - Compensation fund contributions

  • - Annual and Family responsibility leave

  • - PPH and Sick leave


LABACOR also complies with:

  • - All regulations and guidelines set by the Bargaining Councils, if applicable, and the Labour Relations Act providing advise on workable and ethically correct staffing solutions.

  • - Occupational Health and Safety requirements


Please note:
LABACOR will litigate and/or chair all our labour disputes, if any should arise, and see them through to their successful conclusion, leaving you free to concentrate on the important factors in your business.