Our outsourcing procedures:


1. On visiting our client, a needs analysis will be completed by one of our consultants to determine the client's staff requirements.

2. If a suitable candidate cannot be sourced from our extensive database then an advert will be placed to find the right candidate.

3. Our screening criteria include; Reference checks, Criminal Checks, Credit checks (on client request), licenses/permits and certificates verifications. LABACOR then creates a short list of the applicants to ensure the client benefits from the quickest and most effective route to find the right fit for the position at hand.

4. Interviews can be done by the client on request or for a specialised and permanent placement only.

5. After the client completes interviews and decides on the most suitable candidate, LABACOR will draw up a Staffing Service Agreement that needs to be completed by our client before our candidate can commence employment.

6. LABACOR stays in close contact with the client to ensure his/her satisfaction with the applicant. This is of utmost importance to us.

7. LABACOR can provide the client with regular cost reports on outsourced staff to ensure staff levels remain optimum within budget at all times (on client's request).

8. In the case of contract workers and ad hoc staff, a 24 hour notice period is all that is required to replace the candidate if the client is dissatisfied with his/her performance within the first month. This ensures the client gets the best candidate at all times.

9. Another great benefit of contract workers is that they tend to be more appreciative and conscientious of the value of having employment.

10. LABACOR complies with all Health and Safety regulations and provides staff with Personal Protective Clothing if needed.

11. In the event that your permanent staff do go on strike or a stay-away, LABACOR can supply you with staff, ensuring that your production is not halted.

12. LABACOR also supplies seasonal staff during busy periods or seasons such as harvesting.

13. LABACOR takes care of all our contract staffs' leave benefits from commencement date. One of our site managers attends to all problems concerning our staff at a time that will not interfere with production.

14. Contract staff are obliged to both adhere to the policies and procedure of the client and to LABACOR'S Code of Conduct.

15. The client receives a weekly/monthly timesheet which acts as an employee's clock card. This needs to be signed off by an official designated by the client on a weekly/monthly basis. The client only pays for hours worked.

16. If contract staff is ordered from LABACOR, but our staff's services are not utilized, a minimum of 4hrs must be paid to the staff in compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the client will be invoiced accordingly.

17. Wages are paid on a weekly/monthly basis into the employee's bank account. LABACOR can also open bank accounts for employees who do not have one. The client is invoiced on a weekly basis, unless otherwise negotiated.

18. Payment terms are strictly 7 (seven) days from date of invoice unless otherwise negotiated.

19. Upon acceptance of our proposal the client will be required to complete our customised Staffing Service Agreement.