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Welcome to Labacor

labacorLABACOR provides professional outsourcing solutions such as managed staffing contracts, temporary staff, staffing for special occasions and projects, recruitment of permanent staff, dispute resolution and payroll administration.

First established in 2004 in Port Elizabeth, LABACOR began as a labour provider, filling the need for transparent labour practices. Starting with just 6 factory workers, we have grown to add two other LABACOR Branches in Jeffreys Bay and Gauteng.

Our passion for people and excellent business sense has combined to create a prosperous business of integrity and good standing.


Labacor specialises in supplying staff to any type of industry. We pride ourselves on responding to our clients' needs promptly and efficiently, whilst maintaining the highest standards of service. We know that unavoidable staff shortages, whether due to seasonal demands, work overloads, fleet changes, absenteeism or leave periods, cause pressure. We understand our clients' consequent need for reliable, quality staff. LABACOR has the resources of a special team of people at its disposal. Our track record is excellent - we respond to our clients needs promptly, every time, with fully qualified staff. Our clients can be assured of high standards, quality service and the best candidate for the position - temporary or permanent.

Why use labacor?

Our professional experienced staff are as committed to your business as you are. We aim to compliment your business with personalized service supplying the correct quantity and caliber of staff to enhance the productivity and therefore the growth of your business. We will tailor-make your staffing portfolio according to your operational requirements.
We take care of everything; from the advertising and recruiting to the dismissals, if need be. We cater for all spheres of industry. We provide from general workers to professionally skilled candidates in positions that vary from small business environments to international conglomerates.


What is meant by the term "outsourcing"?

Outsourcing is handing over the responsibility of dealing with staff, partly or as a whole, to an independent professional institution who will employ and manage placed staff on your behalf. Often also called 'contracting' which is defined as the purchase by a company of labour or parts thereof from a source outside the company rather than using the company's own staff.